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If you'd like to host a screening, email us at admin@purplecakeday.org

Project Reports and Videos
Children of Haiti Project (COHP)Download 1 page about COHP
COHP progress report (Feb 2014)

First Steps Himalaya (FSH)Download 1 page about FSH
FSH progress report (Dec 2013)

Hilde Back Education Fund (HBEF)Download 1 page about HBEF

Purple Cake Day Songs
The original 'Purple Cake Day' song - by Kath Bee
Download the MP3 track
Download lyrics and chords

Kenbe La hip hop track - by Paul Dodge, Kurnel MC and Lisa TomlinsDownload the MP3 track
Download lyrics

'A dream worth fighting for' -  by Leilani Taula
Download the MP3 track
Download lyrics and chords
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About Purple Cake Day

Purple Cake Day is a charity event that supports children worldwide to receive the education they need to break the poverty cycle and create a better future for themselves, their families, and their communities. NZ Registered Charitable Trust No. CC44756
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